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Blackie & The Rodeo Kings - Black Sheep - аккорды и текст, видео

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Blackie & The Rodeo Kings - Black Sheep - аккорды и текст, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Авторы музыки: Stephen Fearing
Авторы текста: Stephen Fearing
Black Sheep
Blackie & The Rodeo Kings
Great Song, especially the version on "Kings and Queens" featuring Serena Ryder.
Listen to the recording and count the beats because there are regularly recurring bars with 2 extra beats.
I have placed astericks(*) around the lyrics in the 2 extra beat bars.

INTRO:  Em           
        8 bars
Verse 1:    He said, |"Baby I'm done," and he |*pushed back his* |plate 
C                                   G        
Sky was as dark as the |*hour was* |late 
          C                                          G                    
Took the |fat with the lean and the |*hot with the* |cold 
         G/F#       Em          C       
But I'm hungry for |love 
G        D                    Em       
|Love,      |     hungry for |love 

Verse 2:    I'll go |down by the river where the |*silver moon* |shines 
          C                                          G        
And I'll |read my reflection like the |*book of my* |mind 
           C                                       G                    
I've been |dreaming of rainbows and |*rumours of* |gold 
          G/F#          Em          C       
I've been dreaming of  |love 
G        D                      Em       
|Love,      |     dreaming of  |love 

                       C                                   G        
Bridge 1:    And I'll |sing for you now as I'm |*going a-*|way 
         C                                          D        
You can |hold to what's broken the |*rest of your* |days 
Or let go of the |vow 
    G              C              [   C         G         D         |Em        ]
To |*have and to* |hold

Verse 3:   I |went to my neighbour to |*show him my* |heart 
       C                                    G        
But I |knew it was over be-|*fore I could* |start 
                        C                                     G                    
There's friends of the |heart, and there's |*friends of the* |road 
          G/F#       Em          C       
And the passing of  |love 
G         D                           Em          C      
|Love,      |    and the passing of  |love 
G         D                           Em       
|Love,      |    and the passing of  |love 

                      C                                              G        
Bridge 2:    I don't |know what you think, I don't |*hear what you* |say 
         C                                       D        
All the |tales that I spun at the |*end of the* |day 
Walk a mile in my |shoes 
   G               C                 [   C         G         D         |Em       ]  
A |*life with my* |soul 
[  C         G         D         |  Em       ]

[  Em        |  C             |  G        |  Em       |  C       ]
  [  G       |  D       |  Em       |  C       ]  [  G       |  D       |  Em       ]

Verse 4:    The |woods are alive with the |*murmur of* |spring 
     C                                           G        
The |snow melts away and the |*creek starts to* |sing 
          C                                               G                    
When the |shepherd's asleep the black |*sheep leads the* |fold 
       G/F#       Em          C       
Gone looking for |love 
[  G       D                Em       C      ]
[|Love,    |   looking for |love                        ]  3 TIMES
G       D          Em       
[  C         G         D         |Em       ]
[  C         G         D         |Em  ]
Добавлено: 09.10.2015
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