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Black Rob - Ready - текст песни, видео

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Black Rob - Ready - текст песни, видео

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Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
ready on the left, ready on the right. yo we out watup my dog , watup ok. yo kick dat thing u was kickin in da studio

yea yo wats dat joint?

round town im bound shake da ground shake da town wave da pound lays ya down(x2)

and dats how we approach these faggots tryna go and be fly but they still maggots, im sure all i gotta do is call my mans 40 cal watch yaself i'll spoil ya plans im da uptop gangsta da star in da hood, one of da few muh fuckas that aint scared of shug ,fam dat was 9-5 man fuck da past, see niggas out there frontin bodyguards up they ass man

hes black rob hes ok play and you'll get robbed 2 day

yall know how i coming through da source awards, sumbody jewels got jacked man they mustve been yours, yall dudes be talkin out da side of ya mouth, till i put da jimstar on da side of ya mouth, yall aint sell no records made no cash yet, fuck dude cuz my niggas is goons and they got respect and dont get beside yaself , a lotta shitgon be fucked up besides ya health

He's black rob  hes a thug fuck wit him you'll get fucked up


i dont threaten dudes dats a promise dats honest u can kiss my ring and pay homage, or get smart read books by nostrodamas meanwhile im deep see diving oceanomics, i see green more green than da sonics more green than the geico lizzard da grand wizard, the 9 mill scope i walk up on a nigga put da 9 to his throat and watch him shake like da pope(ooo)(shakin now)

hes black rob hes our friend black ol rob is back again

Awww man yall niggas done got me hype dis it we fit da same stereotype if a nigga wana whyle we can do dat 2 , fuck da model bitch when we can schrew dat 2, man notice i said we, shes a J-U-M-P, man off top fam i got figures in da game she fuckin wit all the top niggas

hes black rob hes our man if he cant do it no one can

Yea bout to put da whole game on smash, alumni i put da whole name on smash after this they gon wana lace me plenty , u jus mad cuz they cant make a JC penny, its da bad boy BR back wit da nutritious, black attacks like a pitbull vicious,its goin down, fam,im about to shake da ground its uptown holla at ya man. (tic tock tic tock) ready on the left ready on the right
Добавлено: 06.05.2012
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