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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Screaming Gun - аккорды и текст, видео

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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Screaming Gun - аккорды и текст, видео

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Screaming Gun
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
title: "Screaming Gun"
artist: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

*Red Eyes And Tears single
released February 6, 2001 (USA)

*Love Burns single
released January 14, 2002 (UK)

*Screaming Gun EP
released January 23, 2002 (USA)

*B.R.M.C album
released March 15, 2002 (JAP)

    transcripted by Tadeusz "Teddy" Pik

E, A (x4)

then harmonica comes in

E, A (x8)

  but this part you can play also:

E|-0--0---          --3--2--0----    |
B|-0--2---          --3--3--2----    |
G|-1--2--- x3  and  --2--2--2----    | all sequence play twice
D|-2--2---          --0--0--2----    |
A|-2--0---          --------0----    |
E|-0------          -------------    |

         E              A             E            A          
Well you run from your reasons...
           E         A                   E           
Now you're keeping a hold ...
       E          A             E            A                
You're tying your mind ...
       E    A                    E            A            
You're dyin alone, you should've ...
E    A    E    
cold yeah ...
D                   A                         E   A             
Now you know you're alone...
E   A     E   A     E   A                       
Gun yeah...

E, A (x4)

Well you hold  ...    
You scream for ...  
Now all that ...   
But whats ...            
You can't ...      
soul yeah         
Now you know ...     
gun yeah ...
E,A (x6)
E,A (x5) with harmonica
Well you run ...              
Now you're keeping ...      
You're tying your ...            
You're dyin alone...            
cold yeah...                                            
Now you know ...         
Gun yeah...

E,A (x8) end on E

comments, corrections and threats are welcome:)
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