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Black Keys - All You Ever Wanted - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Black Keys - All You Ever Wanted - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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All You Ever Wanted
Black Keys
ALL YOU EVER WANTED by The Black Keys.  Great track off Attack Release Album, 
nice slow blues rhythm, quite easy to play, acoustically or as intended on 
electric, there are some individual notes on the intro but one can play around 
with them over the E and A strings while on the C/G chord. 

It is meant to be a C chord but the C/G gives it a beefier tone – up to you. 
Occasionally I embellish the C/G by lifting the 3rd and 4th fingers making this 
an Am7 chord – works quite nicely!

Hope you like it – its my first posting on UG so KIND comments or 
corrections welcome. Chords by Northwake.

Chords: C/G - F - G and if you can occasional Am7

Intro: C/G, Am7, C/G

C/G                          F
You’re just like time
F                               C/G
Except you can still feel the shame
All hands on deck, now
F                            C/G
The sea is getting rough again
You see him out your window
F                               C/G
Even when you close the blinds

And all you ever wanted
F                                       C/G
Was someone to treat you nice and kind


Take a step before runnin’, yeah
F                                    C/G
Take a breath now before you die
When you work the streets, darlin’
F                                              C/G
Make sure your sneaker laces, they get tied
I be your black bird darlin’
F                               C/G
Hanging on your telephone wire

Flap my wings, oh yeah
F                       C/G
And set your heart a fly

Crank up the volume/Stomp on the distortion here slide the C/G down slightly and back, 
add a lift from 3rd and fourth finger (Am7) to get a slight tonal change then one 
quick F (vibrato) back to C/G…. one elongated G (vibrato) them finish on C/G

C/G,  C/G, (F ) C/G, C/G, (G)- finish on C/G
Добавлено: 17.07.2014
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