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Black Eyed Sceva - Handshake - таба, видео

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Black Eyed Sceva - Handshake - таба, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
		   Title: Handshake
Artist: Black Eyed Sceva
Album: Way Before the Flood
Copyright 1995 Unusual Woody Seed-Pod Music
Tabbed by Kirk Bozeman (

E flat tuning (all strings down 1/2 step)

CHORDS (listen to CD for picking pattern- it's easy):
C2:     032030
Em7:    02x030
Dsus:   x00230

Repeated picking pattern (pretty darn fast):
  A          A2[addD]   Dmaj7/F#    A2

(pattern x2)

When Ric came to talk there wasn't a dry eye that watched
And if you'll stretch the analogy we've all found liquid cocaine desirous
All of us have fallen for sin
Everyone has struggles with temptation
All of us were wounded, some of us are dead
We acquired the immune deficiency syndrome
          C2       Em7  Dsus
Here's my hand

C2       Em7  Dsus (x3)

(pattern x2)

When he reaches two-thirty he'll be gone
He laughed when I said safe sex is an oxymoron
Sure he's gay
But he swears he didn't get it that way
If sin is sin you're just another gay book judged by the cover whose next page
               C2       Em7  Dsus
Is stamped the end
   C2         Em7  Dsus
G here's my
C2       Em7  Dsus
H - a - nd-
C2       Em7  Dsus

(pattern x2)

Should I be scared?
When Paul grabbed the serpent, Paul's life was spared
G shall mine be
A needle-prick brought this disease, take my sincerest sympathies
You got 'em, man
And here's my hand
And here's my h - a - nd-
sh - a - ke
Will it spread through my skin when my hand touches him?
It won't spread through my skin when my hand touches him
And here's my h - a - nd-
sh - a - ke
Here's my h - a - nd-
sh - a - ke
And here's my hand-
Watch our hands

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