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Black Eyed Peas - Magic - текст песни, видео

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Black Eyed Peas - Magic - текст песни, видео

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(feat. Esthero)

[Intro - Will I Am]
We're comin right away
You know what to do
Black Eyed Peas is the crew (is the crew)
You know what to do (what to do)
We're gonna make a move (make a move, move)
Oh yeah what you do (yeah)

[Chorus - Will I Am, Esthero]
[sung to The Police's "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic"]
Every little thing we do's like magic
Any thing we do will not go wrong
Every little thing we do's like magic
Everywhere we go we're rockin on

Every little thing we do's like magic
Any thing we do will not go wrong
Every little thing we do's like magic
Everywhere we go we're rockin on (rockin on)

[Will I Am]
Y'all lookin for a festival I know the spot
Come across the bridge over here to where it's hot
It's poetic, guaranteed you're diggin it
You have the bobs a lot, bombience is infinite
Baby doll no need to front, we the exquisite
We could be your favorite, yeah you could come brassiere
What you aah-bout to witness ain't no kind of fear
It's immaculate, look at what we're comin with
Yeah I tease you when I hit you with them tid bits
But you tease me when you be wearing them outifts
Every angle of it IS so perfect
I know you love it when we... [do it]


[Apl. d. Ap.]
It's another one of those EXPOSURE from my main CULTURE
I'ma do this shit like I'm supposed ta
Apl. d. Ap. on the mic, let me set it right
Take you on a ride flight to the other side
One point to the other we providin ya
You could cross the same bridge if ya wanted ta
Sometimes gotta take time to do
new things can be trapped outta move
DO what you wanna do, WHO to tell you not TO
You wanna make jams go ahead I got YOU
Don't be afraid no matter who you are
No matter who you be, you're a star


[Bridge - Esthero]
Everywhere we go (rockin on), everywhere we go (yeah)
Everywhere we go-oh (rock on), we go-oh-woh-woh-woh (HOLD UP!)

[Taboo, (Esthero)]
Hold up y'all and watch me ELABORATE
I'ma try my best to what? To communicate
What I demonstrate will simply stimulate
The cha make you girate, pleasure when we penerate
(Everywhere we go) We motivate, (everywhere we go) and we captivate
(WE ROLL) Here, (WE GO) there, (WE GO) here, (WE GO)

[Will I Am]
Everywhere, every everywhere
Black Eyed Peas is like the hip hop Fred Astaire
Spread it out from over there to over here
Descendent of the all makin alla y'all aware that
We're fantastical when we're comin with (magic)
And majestical when we're comin with (magic)
Doin it (once), we're doin it (twice), we're doin it THREE TIMES

[Chorus - x2]
[Chorus fades during 4th recital]

[Outro - Will I Am]
Rockin on, anything we do we rock rock on
We're just like, magic, we're magic, it's magic, it's magic
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