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Bjork - Eat The Menu - текст песни, видео

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Bjork - Eat The Menu - текст песни, видео

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Limousines, oranges,

Stars, moons,

Submarines, jeeps,

Glaciers, cars,

Caterpillars, even grapes

Its none of my business

But you have to eat

Your appetite is appalling

Have some salad

Bite an apple

Suck an oragne

Taste the pate

Im just a maid, but yes to food is yes to life

Ive got to eat something

Otherwise Ill just die

But the choice is too great

I cant decide what to eat

Ill possibly just eat the menu? 

How would you like strawberry juice? 

Or lemon red sea perch? 

Bite the kiwi

Have some chicken

Im just a maid, but yes to food is yes to life

The waiter came with the menu

And said here you go.

I said thankyou but

The choice is too great,

Why cant I be a cod

In the depths of the ocean

And just eat small fish

The cod has such simple taste

But ove got all the choice

Oh, you vague costomer

Youll have to look somewhere else

You have to find something to eat

So eat a moment

A person

An apple

A feeling

Eat a rockband

I wont complain but...
Добавлено: 17.11.2013
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