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Bing Crosby - Feudin And Fightin - текст песни, видео

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Bing Crosby - Feudin And Fightin - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Feudin' and fussin' and a-fightin,' 
Sometimes it gets to be excitin,' 
Don't like them ornery neighbors down by the creek, 
We'll be plumb out of neighbors next week. 
Grandma, poor ol' grandma, 
Why'd they have to shoot poor grandma. 
She lies 'neath the clover 
Someone caught her bending over 
Pickin' up a daisy! 
Feduin' and fussin' and a-fightin' 
This is a wrong that needs a rightin,' 
Let's get that funeral service over 
So then we can start in a-feudin' again. 

Feudin' and fightin' and a-fussin,' 
That's all that's goin' on with us'n. 
We are such neighborly people peaceful and sweet, 
All except when we happen to meet. 
Daughter, baby daughter, 
Poisened all the neighbors chickens. 
Daughter hadn't oughter 
Least 'till she could run like the dickens. 
They hit her with a shovel! 
Feudin' and fightin' and a-fussin' 
No use a-standin' here a-cussin,' 
Let's give our daughter a pistol now that she's four 
And go feudin' and fightin' some more. 

Got a Date with an Angel-Delroy Somers Band 
Words by Clifford Grey and Sonny Miller; music by Jack Waller and Joseph 
Best-selling record by Hal Kemp and his Orchestra, vocal by Skinny Ennis. 
Theme song of Skinny Ennis and his Orchestra. 

Got a date with an angel, 
Got to meet her at seven, 
Got a date witn an angel, 
And I'm on my way to Heaven. 
She's so lovely beside me, 
And whatever betide me. 
Got an angel to guide me. 
So I'm on my way to Heaven. 
Soon I'll hear the bells ring out, 
And the choir will sing out, 
When the pearly gates swing out 
She'll beckon to me. 
I've been waiting a lifetime, 
For this evening at seven, 
Got a date with an angel 
And I'm on my way to Heaven.
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