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Billy Walker - Matamoros - аккорды и текст, видео

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Billy Walker - Matamoros - аккорды и текст, видео

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Billy Walker
   D                                       G
In old Mexico I stand on the square in Matamoros
          A7                                        D
Round the plaza the couples are walking to music so sweet
D                                       G
I found my love not too long ago in Matamoros
        A7                                        D
But I'm feeling low as the beggar who sits in the street

Oh the promises that she made with eyes black as midnight
E7                                            A7
How could I know how fickle her promise could be
    D                                          G
Now I'm back to find what I feel is mine in Matamoros
    A7                                                 D
And there'll be bad trouble if I catch her cheating on me

D                                                        G
Streets are narrow and dark and Tequila runs free in Matamoros
  A7                                               D
I stop for one moment outside of Miguel's swinging door
   D                                               G
My heart breaks to hear the same haunting sound of Grenada
    A7                                                 D
She once called it our song and vowed she'd be mine evermore

Then across the square with this wild young Vaquero I see her
E7                                               A7
Laughing and dancing and tossing her raven black hair
     D                                             G
Fate may take a hand when I face this man from Matamoros
        A7                                            D
For the love of my woman is one thing that I'll never share

    D                                                   G
Now I walk in the night far away from the lights of Matamoros
      A7                                                       D
And recall the last moments when I knew she loved me more than life
      D                                                 G
I can still hear her cry I love you and I'll prove it Mañana
     A7                                          D
Then seeing my danger she jumped in front of his knife

I know the stories they'll tell in the dim lit casinos
E7                                                          A7
Of the raven haired beauty who for her love lay dead on the floor
        D                                                     G
They'll speak of the fight with the gringo that night in Matoamoros
    A7                                            D
And wonder what happened for he never returned anymore
Добавлено: 12.09.2015
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