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Billy Fury - When Will You Say I Love You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Billy Fury - When Will You Say I Love You - аккорды и текст, видео

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When Will You Say I Love You
Billy Fury
When will you say I love you - Billy Fury

Composer: Fielding
Original key: G
Label: Decca

Reached #3 in 1963 in the UK

NC. = No Chord




You smile at me,
G        Eb
An angel sings
Eb           G                             Bm
You speak my name, and winter changes into spring
Bm             C                               D
But there's an emptiness that makes me feel so blue
D              G
When will you say
C      D       D7
I love you, oh yeah

I tried so hard,  
G           Eb
To make you care
Eb           G                                Bm
This life of mine, Was meant for you alone to share
Bm         C                            D
I need you close to me, in everything I do
NC.           G
When will you say 
C      G
I love you

G  C                                    G                                                 
Oh I never thought that this could ever happen to me ee
Em                                        D7
Three little words from you and you could end my misery


NC           G
Oh say those words 
G           Eb
I'm longing for
Eb          G                            Bm
Then I know you'll be mine until for evermore
Bm           C                                    D
And all this world will be just like a dream come true
Nc.           G   
When will you say, 
C      G   
I love you 

C      G     C NC.  G
I love you   I love you
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