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Billy Bragg - The Homefront - аккорды и текст, видео

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Billy Bragg - The Homefront - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Homefront
Billy Bragg
Capo 1 

D          G     D     Bm     A     x2

D                                                  G
Father mows the lawn and Mother peels potatoes
        D        Bm    A
Grandma lays the table alone
D                                                   G
And adjusts a photograph of the unknown soldier
        D       Bm         A
In this Holy of Holies the Home

G            D     Em        F#m
And from the TV an unwatched voice
         G          D                Em        F#m
Suggests the answer is to plant more trees
G                 D         Em             F#m
The scrawl on the wall says what about the workers
        G            D           Em        F#m
And the voice of the people says more salt please

D                                                             G
Mother shakes her head and reads aloud from the newspaper
           D            Bm          A
And Father puts another lock on the door
D                                                              G
And reflects upon the violent times that we are living in
               D           Bm          A
While chatting to the wife beater next door

G      D              Em             F#m
If paradise to you is cheap beer and overtime
G    D                 Em         F#m
Home truths are easily missed
G              D     Em       F#m  
Something that every football fan knows
G                  D          Em    A      Bm
It only takes five fingers to form a fist

            A                       Em       F#m
And when it rains here, it rains so hard
Em        F#m            G             A
But never hard enough to wash away the sorrow
Em            F#m              G            A
I'll trade my love today for a greater love tomorrow
Em         F#m                 G         A
The lonely child looks out and dreams of independence
          Em   F#m    G            A  
From this family life sentence

D                                                     G
Mother sees but does not read the peeling posters
          D                      Bm          A
And can't believe that there's a world to be won
D                                                      G
But in the public schools and in the public houses
    D         Bm           A
The Battle of Britain goes on

G            D          Em  F#m
The constant promise of jam tomorrow
       G          D          Em        F#m
Is the New Breeds litany and verse
G                   D               Em          F#m
If it takes another war to fill the churches of England
         G              D             Em         F#m
Then the world the meek inherit, what will it be worth

D                                                            G
Mother fights the tears and father, his sense of outrage
                D           Bm   A
And attempts to justify the sacrifice
D                                                  G
To pass their creed down to another generation
   D             Bm    A
Anything for the quite life

G      D         Em       F#m
In the Land of a Thousand Doses
      G                D            Em     F#m
Where nostalgia is the opium of the age
G            D             Em    F#m
Our place in history is as clock watchers
G   D       Em     F#m
Old timers, window shoppers

D          G     D     Bm     A     x4

Fade into Blake's Jerusalem...
Добавлено: 05.05.2018
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