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Billy Bragg - No Power Without Accountability - аккорды и текст, видео

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Billy Bragg - No Power Without Accountability - аккорды и текст, видео

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No Power Without Accountability
Billy Bragg
No power without accountability
By Billy Bragg


Em      A    D  Em

Verse 1

Em	       A		       
I grew up, in a company town
And I work a' hard til' the company closed down
Em		A
They gave my job, to another man
On half my wages in some foreign land
			A					Em
And when I asked, how could that be, any good for our economy,
	    A						Em		
I was told, nobody cared, so long as they make money and they sell their shares

Em			A
Can you hear us, are you listening
Em				A
There's no power without accountability

Verse 2

Em		A
I lost my job, my car and my house
Em		A
When 10,000 miles away some guy clicked on a mouse
Em			A
He didn't know me, we never spoke
Em			A		
He didn't ask my opinion or canvas for my vote
I guess it's true, 
Nobody cares until them petrol bombs come spinning through the air
Gotta find a way 
				A			Em
to hold them to account before they find a way to snuff our voices out


Verse 3

Em					A
The ballot box is no garruntee, but we achieve democracy
Our leaders claim their victory
When only half the people've spoken
There is no job security, And this global economy
Em				A			
Our borders closed to refugees
Our markets forced to open
Em			A
World banks is to Mexico
Well Crust Hoff if you don't keep them taxes low


Em			  A
They have no right to wield that sword
They take orders from  generals abroad
Em				A			
I am F, WTO I hear these words just to give the cops a go,
Who are those people, who elected them
Em			A			Em
And Why do I repeat them with some of my friends

Chorus x2

Em, A, D, Em

Repeat to fade

Sorry about the lyrics, but he murmurs on the live version it woz taken from.

this was tabbed  by:

Nick Case

it took a lot of work, so keep my name on it
any comments/corrections to:
Добавлено: 30.05.2012
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