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Big Country - Peace In Our Time - аккорды и текст, видео

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Big Country - Peace In Our Time - аккорды и текст, видео

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Авторы музыки: Stuart Adamson
Авторы текста: Stuart Adamson
Peace In Our Time
Big Country
Artist: Big Country.

Song: Peace In Our Time.  From WithoutTheAidOfASafetyNet-Live@Barrowlands.

       Here's a good one for all you wise people who know about this superb 
band.  There's not nearly
       enough BC tabs on the net, so I would encourage any of you budding 
Stuart Adamson's out there
       to submit anything you know.  I for one would like to hear it, see 
it, hell just to sniff it!

Intro/Chorus:             E        A        E
                    Give us peace....

                               E        A        B5
                    Give us peace....

                               A        Cm
                    While I have......

                               B(I)     B(II)
                    Then I have......

                               E         A       E
                    Give us peace....

    V1:                                 B5         A         Cm
                    Who holds the money...

                                         B5          A         Cm
                    Who holds the strings....

                                         A                       Cm
                    The gangsters reap....

                                         B5                     A
                    The law is cheap....

                        (BACK TO INTRO/CHORUS)

                                         B5          A          Cm
                     In sunkissed rooms.....

                                         B5          A          Cm
                     Minds are restless....

                                         A                        Cm
                     From the forest floor...

                                         B5                       A
                     Like a chatshow topic....

                                 D                           Cm
                     And the hardest love of all...

                                 B5                         A
                     As the world....

                          (BACK TO INTRO/CHORUS)

                            D      Dsus           A     Asus          E
    Mid8:          Let all the rain...

                              D     Dsus           A     Asus          E
                     Like a thunder cloud...

    V3:                           B5            A          Cm
                     I hear the blame....

                                    B5            A         Cm
                     A stronger voice....

                                    A                        Cm
                     But buyers buy.....

                                    B5                       A
                     Public consumption.....

                               (BACK TO INTRO/CHORUS).

Добавлено: 19.07.2013
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