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Beyonce Knowles - Rather Die Young - аккорды и текст, видео

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Beyonce Knowles - Rather Die Young - аккорды и текст, видео

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Rather Die Young
Beyonce Knowles
B7M                 Gadd9/B
Boy you'll be the death of me
You're my James Dean
You make me feel like I'm seventeen
      B7M                    Gadd9/B
You drive too fast, you smoke too much
But that don't mean a thing
‘cause I'm addicted to the rush

‘Cause I rather die young
        E7M     Ebm  Dbm        B7M  
Than live       my    life    without you
            Dbm Ebm   E  Gbm
I rather not    live  at  all
        G         Gbm       Em
Than live my life    without you

(2nd verse and chorus the same as above)

What I'm telling you
               Abm     Ebm   
I'm giving you my life, it's in your hands
Abm              Em
And what I'm gonna do
Is be a woman and you can be a man
And I wanna say
       Abm        Ebm   
Nobody understands what we've been through
                   Abm Em         Gbm
I rather give up    everything
            Abm                             E7M  
Than to live my, live my life without you

(instumental chords are the same as chorus)

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