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Better Than Ezra - Breathless - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Better Than Ezra - Breathless - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Better Than Ezra
"Breathless" by Better than Ezra
Album: Before the Robots
Words and Music by: Kevin Griffin
Tabbed by: Patrick Nolan (

1/2 Step Down

  B       F#      Abm      E
x24442  244322  466444   022100

INTRO: (0:00)

B F# Abm E
B F# Abm E

VERSE 1: (0:12)

B                  F#                       Abm               
Here you are now.  Fresh from you're wars.  Back from the edge of Time.
B                     F#                    Abm               
And all that you were stripped to the bone. I thought you'd want to know.

CHORUS (0:35)

B       F#                Abm      E                
       F#                Abm     E
When you feel the world is crashing all around your feet come running headlong Into my Arms
      B          F#                Abm  E            
   B       F#       Abm     E          B
breathLess.  I'll never judge you. I can only love you.  Come now running Into my arms breathLess

VERSE 2 (1:05)

B                    F#                Abm                  E
Lay down your guns.  Too week to run.  Nothing can hold you here.
B                     F#                  Abm                 
Your precious heart.  Broken and scared.  Some how you made it through.
  F#m           E         F#m
I only ask that you won't go again.

CHORAS (1:34)

BRIDGE (1:57)
          C#    E           B           F#
... BreathLess.   Oh. BreathLess.
C#                             E                              
    So glad to see you smilin'. So good to hear you laugh.  I think that you found you 
missed yourself.
C#                              E                        F#  
                  F#        E          F#
    I'm only askin this cause I think that truth be told.        Oh you'll never go 
 Again ...

CHORAS (2:38)

OUTRO (3:02)

B F# Abm E
B F# Abm E
B F# Abm E
B F# Abm E
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