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Bernhoft - Dont Let Me Go - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Bernhoft - Dont Let Me Go - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
Dont Let Me Go
This is mostly a chord diagram. You should embellish the melodic licks yourself. It's 
more fun that way!

Tuning EADGBe
Chords used (tabbed from base E to high e):

D7 - x57655
F#/A - 2x2220
G - 3x543x
Em - 022000
A/G - 5x5435
B/D - x2023x
Bm - xx977x
A - xx765x
G xx543x

Verse picking, fingerstyle (fill with a lick after the last F#):
  (these first 4 notes should be played pizzicato)


I feel like a worker bee

Sittin' all alone in here

In this long deserted hive

(bass lick)

All relations gone to pieces

I drove the people close to me

Miles away outta my sight

And now I'm like a naked man

Standing in the desert tryin'

Em                                 A/G
Tryin' to sell a messiah for silver

Please hold me back

And don't let me go

When I go crazy

Don't let me go

(walk the bass down F# -> E)

          Em            F#/A       G
All of my bridges are crumbling to dust

                     Em          F#/A    G
And you might be the only one that I can trust

   A/G           B/D
So please hold on

(play B/D -> F#/A -> Em verse for A bit)

(Hold onto me now)

(Repeat verse over these)

You were not the first I've seen
Gettin' eaten from within
Being what you do

It's easy enough to lose a step or two
Dodging bullets while building a truce
Don't beat yourself up about it

What you lost you can't get back
A little perspective right here in this track
I've seen children get sold for silver

(Repeat Chorus over these)

I could hold you back
But I won't treat you so
I don't think you're crazy
And I won't let you go

I'll be the someone you can hold onto
But I won't be somebody holding onto you
Weighing you down

(No, no, no, no, no)

(Switch to tremolo style strumming here)

Don't have the courage to

Take another step let alone two

I'll fall into the big black sea

Sure you can if I can soak in you

Lean on me I will be there

G                           A/G
And it's blue can't you see

(Repeat Chorus)
I won't let you go
And I won't hold you back
I'll walk the whole mile with you
Watching your back

Never ever let you go
And never hold you back
I'll be forever someone you can trust

Some things to note:
Bernhoft's guitar has two bass strings on it. In order to emulate the deep bass noise in 
his bass walks, I recommend playing the bass notes using pizzicato.
Bernhoft uses a looper to make the 2nd and 3rd verses have some amount of percussion. 
Feel free to add your own texture there.
The bass lick that he uses to fill between verses changes as the song progresses. It 
always resolves to a B/D chord, so just make sure whatever bass lick you use resolves to that.

Here is the reference I used for this tab:

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