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Beres Hammond - Sing Glory - текст песни, видео

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Beres Hammond - Sing Glory - текст песни, видео

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He gave us life, he gave us dreams 
Still some people act like we're still in chains 
When there's so much in life 
To live for and to be thankful for 

You should a sing glory now 
Sing glory glory now 
Sing glory now, sing glory 

Verse 1: 
Praises for the sun and the moon 
We thank you for your light 
Praises be for the rain and the breeze 
Most important to life 
Praises be to life itself 
Even when days are bad 
And when I rise to see another day 
Glory be to God 

Repeat Chorus 2x 

Verse 2: 
Children of god don't worry too much 
A new day is on the rise 
Don't be discouraged be strong my friend 
You're bound to win your big prize 
Come my little sister, please my little sister 
Bear out with your man 
It's not everyday the seas gonna be rough 
The sun is bound to come 

Repeat Chorus 2x 

There's so much in life 
That we should be thankful for 
He gave us life, he gave us dreams 

Repeat Verse 2 

Repeat Chorus 2x
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