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Benjamin Francis Leftwich - The Boat - аккорды и текст, видео

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Benjamin Francis Leftwich - The Boat - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Boat
Benjamin Francis Leftwich
Benjamin Francis Leftwich
The Boat 
Tabbed by JCR
Capo 6

This is the closest I could get to a tab for this song because the 
original song uses a ukulele, so here is what I came up with. There 
is a video on youtube of him playing on a guitar but I have yet to 
figure it out, so this is the novice version. Listen to the song 
for strumming patterns and you are good to go. 

C     G     Am     F 
Wherever you are, floating on a boat or on a star
Whatever you do, every time we touch you move
You have different eyes, for every time your heart arrives
I want you to sigh, it's alright

F     Am     G
I am a finally swimming, you are the line
If this is a moon land, darling you'd be the find
I wanted to keep you close, make you mine
If this is a moon land, darling, you'd be the find

Am     F   
C     G     Am     F

C     G     Am     F
Wherever you go, all the different places you know
Whenever you're here, then all the things you needed are near
It is a different heat, to all the other things that you need
So don't close the door


F     Am      G
I know it's hard to be calm in a storm
I know it's hard when your heart is warm
I know you tried to work it all out, but now

(CHORUS- single strum each)

(End on F)

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Добавлено: 22.10.2013
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