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Benighted - Unleash Hell - текст песни, видео

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Benighted - Unleash Hell - текст песни, видео

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Dying, crossing the Styx to the other side

Entering abysmal world

Feeling extreme coldness from winds of hate

To endly regret past mortal pain

Listening to the howlings

Sleeping without dreaming

Pictures of murderous scenes where blood and tears mix together

To create a morbid essence

Entrails burn from inside, face the beast, unleash hell now

Bloodbath torture the weak, skin the lamb, unleash hell.

Blackness of my thoughts still so deep

Lightning of wrath fall on flesh

Mass decayed, putrefying, submitted flesh gives itself up

To the torments of a mad spirit, slow beheaded, deep delight

Dust away, burst the eyes, human belief falling insane

Crows eating corpses remains

The scorching heat and dismal fear renforce the sick feeling

Drowning in death's anguish

Darkness fires unleashed

Demons devour the heart

The mind is torn apart

From the torrents of blood flows eternal hate

Mountains of cadaverous faces left to their sad fate

As the macabre essence essence becomes great red sea

Anger into the glance becomes euphory

Murderous delight

A mind eclipse, corporal possession will

Senses supreme annihilation

Each step in life still a step to death
Добавлено: 27.02.2012
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