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Benighted - Dementia (The Precocious Symptoms Of Mental Perver - текст песни

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Benighted - Dementia (The Precocious Symptoms Of Mental Perver - текст песни

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he inconscious repression always grows in the head

There's no forgiveness inside, it's just a semblance of truth

This unacceptable state cuts the mind in two

And one of them disappears in the limbs of oblivion

Anormal human behaviour by morbid rationalization

Installs istelf disguised by perversion

Restrictionof the vision, diversions, manipulations

All the tricks are used to realize the deviated purposes

Dementia, the precocious symptoms of mental perversion

Anger from disturbed childhood

Comes through unconscious paths

Far from our reality, hate for his identity

He wants to become more than a simple human

And behind a wall of lies, build his own pleasure

Violence as answer to affective deficiency

Forever torn between repulsion and fascination
Добавлено: 25.05.2012
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