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Ben Rector - I Thank God I Miss You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Ben Rector - I Thank God I Miss You - аккорды и текст, видео

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I Thank God I Miss You
Ben Rector
the original song is in F#, you can capo 2 play E chords, or capo 4 play D chords. 
Standard tuning.
Chords for verse are half counts.
Chords for Chorus are whole counts.

 B                     F#
Sometime I feel these words are cheapened 
        C#                  C#          B-F#-C#-C#
by the way they're said We do not mean them
        B             F#              C#            C#
From a million miles away, words are all I know to say, 
         B           F#         C#        C#
so I am speaking  To you right now

    F#                                  B
So know I wrote this song with all the words 
                   Ebm                       B
meaning what they mean And saying what they say
              F#                           B
Though it's nothing you haven't heard before, 
                Ebm                    B
I mean it more today Believe me when I say
                    F#      B
I thank God I miss you 
                    Ebm     B 
I thank God I miss you
              B                 F#
We're from a hotel room and misunderstandings 
     C#          C#                     B      F#   C#  C#                  
my heart stands still And demands this candor
       B                  F#                     C#        
Though my hands shake I remain unshaken for the part that's grounding
           C#   B                F#           C#       C#
Is oh-so shaken, and that's the way it should be
Добавлено: 17.05.2012
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