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Ben Folds Five - Missing The War - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Ben Folds Five - Missing The War - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Авторы музыки: Ben Folds
Авторы текста: Ben Folds
Missing The War
Ben Folds Five
From: Prtzl Lgc 
Subject: CRD:b/ben_folds_five/missing_the_war.crd

 Missing the War by Ben Folds Five
 from Whatever and Ever Amen
 written by Ben Folds
 transcribed by Zach Moats (Prtzl

this song has a lot of funny chords in it and i tried my hardest to figure
them out. if you can hear them better than i can, please contact me and
inform me of the correct chords. please e-mail me and tell me what you

Missing the War

Intro:  /A  Amin(add 9) / E  F# /  A  Amin (add 9)/ E /

Verse 1:

  E      E7M  
 All is quiet.

        F#9 (voicings : G#-A#-E)
 His tired eyes

  Bsus4  B Bm9    B          Bm9        Bsus2   Bm9
See figures jotted down. And clothes all strewn around the

  A (E in bass)  Amin9(E in bass)   C+ (F# in bass)  Cm9+5 (F# in bass)
 Bedroom floor.

Verse 2: Repeat chords

Now nothing?s adding up.
And nothing?s making sense.
She?s sleeping like a baby.
She doesn?t know he wasn?t meant for this.


    A7M                         Am9 (C in bass)
  I?m missing the war. (ba ba ba ba)
  Am9 (C in bass)               E7M  
  I?m missing the war. (ba ba ba ba)
  All night.
              C#             F#
  Missing the war. (ba ba ba ba)
  Missing the war
Repeat intro:

Verse 3: Repeat verse chords

He drove home again.
Pissed and beaten.
It?s really no big deal
It happens all the time
It?s no big deal.


End chorus with:

  F#                      G       G(D in bass)  G     E  F#min  G#min
 ?Till beads of sunlight hit me in the morning.

 C#  B    E    D      A      Amin9     E    F#      A  Amin9
So much time so little to say

Verse 3:
Time may fly.
And dreams may die.
The shaking voice that tells him go
still thinks he might
he knows he wont.


Repeat Intro 4X?s and end with

G   G (D in bass)  G     E   F#min   G#min
Добавлено: 26.03.2012
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