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Bella Hemming - Play Guitar - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bella Hemming - Play Guitar - аккорды и текст, видео

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Play Guitar
Bella Hemming
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Alright, so this song is technically supposed to be played on a guitar, but I'm 
gonna teach you how to play it on the guitar!!

Capo the fifth fret and play this song.

All the chords you'll need to play this song:

C - X32010
Em - 022000
Dm - XX0231
F7M   - XX3210
Fadd9 - XX3213
G9 - X00001


C Em Dm F7M   Fadd9

C                              Em
So you really like her and you want to win her heart

Dm                                  F7M               Fadd9
Well honey your techniques have been so wrong from the start

C                              Em
Because she has a boyfriend and you're really not too cool

Dm                              F7M               Fadd9
So here's a secret guaranteed to make the ladies drool


C                               Em                           Dm
Teach yourself to play guitar, I promise it will take you far

F7M                    Fadd9
They'll be head over heels

C                                     Em                            Dm
Just strum a few chords together, and her heart will be yours forever

F7M                        G9                C    Em Dm F7M   Fadd9
She might love you if you learn to play guitar


C                                       Em
You can learn to ride a skateboard, or you can learn to dance

Dm                                      F7M           Fadd9
But you've gotta learn guitar if you're looking for romance

C                              Em
So go ahead and get one, you can buy them pretty cheap

Dm                                        F7M            Fadd9
And once you hold it in your hands you'll find a girl to keep


So don't waste your bucks on roses

Even though they're nice

The girls are gonna love you if you

F7M        Fadd9
Take my advice, so



C                             Em
Serenade her with a song you wrote for her called baby

Dm                             F7M         Fadd9
You might even be cooler if you play the ukulele

C                                 Em
Just play and F and play a C and she will be most definitely

Dm            F7M               Fadd9
In your arms, and you will see.



F7M                        G9                C   Em Dm
She might love you if you learn to play guitar

F7M                        G9                C
She might love you if you learn to play guitar
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