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Believable Picnic - Spaceman - аккорды и текст, видео

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Believable Picnic - Spaceman - аккорды и текст, видео

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Believable Picnic
		   Title: Spaceman
Artist: Believable Picnic
Copyright: 1996 Truthworks Music(BMI)
Tabber: Joel Ogden (

Intro: D/E D/E D/E D/E D/E 

i want to be a space man 

way up in the sky 

in a tiny little capsule 

where i can bide my time 

like a robomatic rocketboy 

who journey's back into the stars 

to hang with all the angels 

somewhere out beyond mars 

1st Bridge: E B G  E B D

            E B G  D# C#m D# C#m D# C#m G 
            (repeat 3x for entire bridge)

branded, stranded, but not alone.... 

D#       C#m        G

D#                  C#m
but there's so much work 

left to be done 

      A                B
before we fly into the sun 

E          G       A
i don't belong here 
                C          D         
feel like i've come from outer space 

E          G       A
i don't belong here 

          C              D
i'm only visiting this place 

2nd Verse: Play just like first verse

2nd Bridge: Play like 1st bridge


(Bridge 3)
D             A
don't need a rocketship 

B            E(barred A chord)
for me to fly 

D            A          
my wings are waiting for me 

D                A                                
there's no place that i'd 

B        E
rather be 

(Lead Solo: I have no clue on how to play it. 
            You can play the rhythm part by just 
            repeating the 1st verse)

when i've carried out my mission 
and my work on earth is done 
eternal, life's fruition 

E       G           A       
will be given to by god's only son


(Ending is played like the 3rd bridge)

If anybody know how to play the solo to this song 
please let me know. I'm dying to be able to play it. 
Anyways enjoy the song It  R O C K S!!!!     
Добавлено: 10.07.2013
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