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Beecake - Rip It Up - аккорды и текст, видео

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Beecake - Rip It Up - аккорды и текст, видео

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Rip It Up
So, you can play it like this and I'm pretty sure about these chords.
Beecake seem to like a lot of Dm and Barrée-stuff :)
I suggest to play all these as a Barrée.
Except C. 
[C] means if you want to, you can also play C

Intro: Dm Am C Am (2x)
Dm        Am 
Something must be done 
    Gm               Am 
A western face cries from the pages 
Dm     Am 
See a child with a gun 
     Gm               Am 
The same mistakes run through the ages 

Dm     Am 
See a bullet burn 
Gm                        Am 
Bought from a country we charge with beans 
Dm         Am 
Watch the tables turn 
Gm                                     [C]
They say they're in the wrong hands but who are we 

Dm        Am 
Rip it up 
Gm [C]              Am 
More than I can say 
        Dm        Am 
I wanna rip it up 
     Gm                     Am              Dm   Am
But these are headlines and they won't blow away 
Gm [C]          Am 
More than I can say 
        Dm       Am 
I wanna rip it up 
But these are our headlines 
       Am               Dm 
Cause these are all our days 

How many die before we try 
We have the means to end 
A genocide won't turn the tide 
Ignore a continent 

[Refrain again]

So where do we turn 
To get some truth in it 
   Gm                     Am 
A breath of time holds a thousand voices 
Dm            Am 
Should we get used to it 
          Gm               Am 
When the profit's gone and war rejoices 
Dm       Am 
See the pictures run 
C                    Am 
Knowing eyes on the waters end 
Dm       Am 
They know no return 
    Gm               Am 
We turn the page and shake our heads 

Refrain again, end with Dm 

Enjoy! ;)

(for any corrections or suggestions: )
Добавлено: 09.06.2012
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