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Bee Gees - The Hunter - текст песни, видео

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Bee Gees - The Hunter - текст песни, видео

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Not many days when the summer is gone
And the water is dry
The silence of war
You can never go home
You can not ever go home
So many lights in the heaven I saw
When the living were dead
And the mother instead
Keeps her little boy warm
Keeping her little boy warm
Fools never knowing
Never knew which storm was blowing
No one left to save the day
Only night last forever
All the truth don't change my weather
Let me live , let me hide away
And all my world has torn apart
No glow of love , no beating heart
There is danger on the earth tonight
And I'm alone

When the hunter comes
When the hunter comes

Down from the cities and the valleys of woe
And the rivers of blood
And the army of souls
They will never grow old
Nor will they ever be cold
So many nights with the love in my arms
When lay down beside you
Who can tell when the moment is gone
Never be over and done
Fools never trying
Never knew which child was crying
You're the reason for the rain
It's the road that you followed
Make it so there's no tomorrow
Only people are that insane
And all my love is nothing more
Than feelings that I had before
There are strangers on the earth tonight
And I'm alone
Добавлено: 24.07.2012
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