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Beautiful South - Rotterdam Or Anywhere - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Beautiful South - Rotterdam Or Anywhere - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Rotterdam Or Anywhere
Beautiful South
   Song - Rotterdam (Or Anywhere)
   Artist - Beautiful South
   Album - Blue is the Colour
   Tabbed by Mike Castle (


   Define chords;

    F7M    G   Am   C/G   C   G7   D/F   E   E7

   Define playing styles;

Style 1: - Strummed chords - each beat is a triplet.
           Play Dah-de Dah-de Dah-de Dah-de=20

Style 2: - Each beat is a triplet (except the half-beats
           shown on the tab at *).  The slide is played
           with 3rd finger barred across e and B strings

Beat:  1     2     3     4     1     2     3     4


                                  * on the half-beat

Style 3 (at end of chorus)

Beat:  1     2     3     4     1     2     3     4

     a-lone---------                       Anywhere a-

                              $ quarter bend up with 4th
                              | finger
                |                             |
                * half beat                   * half beat


Style 2 F7M   twice, solo guitar. Bass and percussion come
in 3rd time through, repeat a 4th time


Keep playing Style 2 F7M   through 1st verse a total of
4 times


Style 1

The whole place ....

The people..... sure

And no-one.....

          C                  E     E7
Than they ever would do in a jar----


Style 1

This could be

Am           C/G
Rotterdam or anywhere

Am           C/G
Liverpool or Rome, Cause

Am           C/G
Rotterdam is anywhere

D          G7 (Style 3)
Anywhere a-lone, Anywhere a-

Style 2 F7M   twice



Same as VERSE 1


Same as before


Same again

Style 2 F7M   four times, then straight into:


Same as before

CHORUS/CHORUS (don't do the fiddly bit, just segue=20
               into the chorus again from the G7 -=20
               listen to the track - you'll see it!)

Style 2 F7M   lots of times, singing the words of the
chorus in a jazzy style to fade out...

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