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Beatrice Eli - Trust Issues - аккорды и текст, видео

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Beatrice Eli - Trust Issues - аккорды и текст, видео

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Trust Issues
Beatrice Eli
Beatrice Eli - Trust Issues

Chord progression - Bm E A D A  - Bm E A, then repeat for the whole song 

Bm        E                  A      D  A
 You say you wanna make me happy
Bm            E                       A
 That you've never loved like this before
Bm            E                    A    D  A
 I wanna believe the things you're saying
Bm              E                A
 I'm just not sure if I'm capable
                  Bm                E   
Cause everytime your phone rings, baby
I wonder who is on the other line
D          A
Making you smile 
 Bm                    E
And everytime your eyes drift baby
I wonder who's on your mind

Is it her? 

Bm                    E               A
 You say I got nothing to worry about
           D    A          Bm    
You say it's all in my mind
But if you needed it then 
You might need it again
If it could happen once it could happen twice

     E     A     D A    Bm       E      A
 Right Right Right      Right Right Right

Repeat the chords for the rest of the song 
You say you're in this thing for life

That you wanna marry me someday, right

But there's a change in how you touch me

Is it the everyday routine kicking in

Or is it her

Добавлено: 14.12.2015
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