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Beach Boys - Deirdre - аккорды и текст, видео

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Beach Boys - Deirdre - аккорды и текст, видео

Просмотров: 114
Авторы музыки: Bruce Johnston, Brian Wilson

Beach Boys

D               G   D             G     
The trouble you had, it wasn't so bad 
D         Bm                          C          A7     
It's only life and what you're livin' for 
D              G    D                    G     
Sit down right here, I'll send away your tears 
D             Bm                        C             A7     
Well we don't have to talk about it much more 
G                A9     
Good things turn bad but it's over now 
F#m           B7     
So don't look sad 'cause you're older now 
Em                  Asus2    A     
Lots of people miss Deirdre 

D           G      D                       G     
You're back again, you still have all your friends 
D                Bm                       C             A7     
And they used to ask me why'd you go away Deirdre 
D            G    D            G     
What could I say, that you ran away 
D                    Bm                         C             A7     
Don't you think it's time that you stayed right near me 

G                    A9     
These nights, pretty nights, that were meant to be 
F#m          B7     
With you and me, it's the way that we 
Em                   A         A7
Always had our love, Deirdre   I love your red hair 
Am/C     B7     
Deirdre, do do do do do do 
Dear dear dear Deirdre 
I'm glad you're home again 
Am/C             B7           Gm/Bb           A7      
Oo ooo ooo 
Eb       Ab       Eb        Ab     
Eb       Cm                     Db           Bb7     
Baby 1 2 3 and you're back with me 
Eb          Ab  Eb                 Ab     
Tomorrow at ten, I'll wake you and then 
Eb           Cm                                  Db              Bb7     
We'll take a bath and then I'll laugh again with Deirdre 

Ab          Bb9     
You may not live with me every day 
Gm         C7     
All that I care is that we find a way 
Fm                    Bb           Bb7     
To stay together with Deirdre 
Bbm/Db    C7     
Deirdre,     do do do do do do 
Abm/C                  Bb7     
Dear dear dear Deirdre 

Добавлено: 04.07.2015
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