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Beach Baby - Gave In - аккорды и текст, видео

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Beach Baby - Gave In - аккорды и текст, видео

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Gave In
Beach Baby
you can find this band and this song here: i tabbed
this from the demo version

Verse chords – Asus2 E D7M   E
Chorus Chords – Asus2 Amaj9(no 3rd)
Bridge – Asus2 E D E

all other chords should be depicted correctly by the website except for Amaj9(no 3rd)
which looks like this:

E|--0* (he doesn't play this low E note in the song but it doesn't hurt the song at all 
to play it*)

he does a lot of picking behind the strumming the only part that is specific is the
D7M   chord which will look like this when picked:

E|--------------| X (how ever many times you can play it in the measure)

It was wishful thinking on my part
To think that what I said was the right thing to say at the right time and place
Oh so many mistakes I've made throughout the years
Made with so little grace yet so much fear
I could've just held my tongue and been a good son who met up to expectations
But I was just a lowly rebel who only wanted his liberation

I should've just
Gave In
It would've been
So much easier

But I am unfortunately exactly who I am
You say I could be less broken but I know it's just surface you see
My heart would not be anymore rewarded my soul would not be any better off
But you just scoff at all my dreams, but nothing is as it seems
The strange boy from up on the street could sitting in the king's seat

I should've just
Gave In
It would've been
So much easier

The darkness creeps up on everyone but my weapon is to reveal it's power
 to show it all to make you cower beneath it all
so that you'd see that it's just routine and the darkness won't seem so gleam.
My words were never an attempt to bring lasting despair they were just a vaccine but you 
wouldn't care.
You would rather remain blind to the onslaught but if you face head on it's really just 
in the thought.
And I know that I sounds strange and your opinions of me have probably not changed for better
but no regrets no regrets cause if you love where you or where you're going then why 
regret anything?

I should've just
Gave In (but I didn't)
It would've been
So much easier (I'd hate myself)
I should've just
Gave In (but I didn't)
It would've been
So much easier (I'd probably kill myself)

(the lyrics were copied from the description on the demo in soundcloud)
Добавлено: 20.03.2012
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