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Bayside - Talking Of Michelangelo - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Bayside - Talking Of Michelangelo - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Talking Of Michelangelo
These are the chords for the song Talking of Michelangelo. this is an amazing song,
and it's good fun to play. enjoy. btw : if two chords are in parenthesis, then they
are both in the same measure.

Intro : Bb C Dm Dm

verse is confusing at first, so here is how it should sound without singing :

Verse : F F(Dm C)Bb A Dm Gm C

And this is how it goes along with the words.

F              F                   Dm        C
The sidewalk's cracked and dirty face
   Bb              A          Dm
Is looking up from underneath my feet
Gm             C                F
Staring at the hollow broken boy
               F               Dm    C    Bb
Who's lost and wandering these...    city streets
    A            Dm            Gm
And everynight I wander here alone The night
That we won't meet I...

Chorus : 
F                     Bb
Wonder when, when I'll
        C         Dm
Finally understand
Why time can wash away love like
It was made of sand and it's
F                 Bb
Wonderful the pain
     C              Dm
That comes with regret
Sometimes you have to see the beauty
In all of this lonelyness

replay intro, then next verse :

Street lights flicker and they fade
Like every good intention that I had
And everyface that passes through my mind
I'll be struggling with
These same old dreams
Until the concrete turns to sand
And I'm swept up by the waves

PLay the chorus again... then

|-3--------0---------3-----------------3-1-0-|  -2x

        Bb           C                   Dm
There's only so many chances that you'll get to do
    C                 Bb 
Something that's this important
        C                F
Now I'd rather sink than swim
Bb                C                 Dm
Sewer drains keep spewing out their steam
        C              Bb          C
Telling all the broken dreams I've flushed away...

then play just the chords of the chorus, and then after that twice, you can play the
chorus again, with normal words, or put the actual final chorus words in there. it's
the same chords, so I'm not going to bother to lay them out. the outro is just
strumming/palm muting a C chord, and it finishes on an F. This is an amazing song
and should be learned by all. 

Enjoy the goodness that is Bayside.
Добавлено: 07.03.2012
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