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Bag Of Toys - The Raven - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Bag Of Toys - The Raven - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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The Raven
Bag Of Toys
Bag of Toys - The Raven

This song is real simple,  just three chords, but I think it sounds cool if you change 
you play the  A# and C chord during the chorus. If you have any corrections or anything, 
   So here are the variations on the barre chords:


Intro    F-F---Bb-Bb---C-C---Bb

Verse 1:

Wake up in the morning,  a suicidal warning
Pull the shades back up to expose the sun
Walk outside or get a ride just get your ass there on time
Cuz we'll leave without everyone,
 F---F------ Bb--Bb----C--C----Bb
we never did.
Everyone knows where to meet,  Just behind pier 23
Don't forget your 12 pack of beer
The weathers great I have to say It's gonna be a perfect day
And we haven't lost a single life yet
we never did...never did, never did, never did...

Oh!        Drink it on up,      tilt it on back and pass the rest on
Oh,        Don't let these days pass you by, cuz they won't last that long

Verse 2:
Rich is making drinks down stairs  Pass him down the empty beers
Could someone pass another one up?
Kinda sacked, the boat is packed  Christeen's puking off the back
If the coast guard see's us, man, we're fucked
but they never did.
Brady's got the music wired,  The Bob Marley's still required
To get this vessel all in the mood
Get to Sam's is all we've plannned,  Docking we could sure use a hand
Before the waitress brings us our food
she never did...never did, never did, never did...

-Chorus- then solo

Verse 3:
I'd like to see, be it, feel it, need it,
Don't repeat the shit your seeing, dealing with the feeling that your needing (its a)
long ride, high...tide...brain's fried, I think it's dead, I think it's leaking out the other side
Go low, so-lo, ain't got no posse cuz their getting loaded on the boat now
I'd like to see, be it, feel it, need it, .....

Добавлено: 23.05.2012
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