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Badly Drawn Boy - I Was Wrong - аккорды и текст, видео

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Badly Drawn Boy - I Was Wrong - аккорды и текст, видео

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Авторы музыки: Damon Gough
Авторы текста: Damon Gough
I Was Wrong
Badly Drawn Boy
Song: I Was Wrong
Artist: Badly Drawn Boy
Album: Have you fed the fish

This song connects right up with "You were right" on the same album. IMHO
it's worth learning both and playing them together because they connect so
nicely. You're anticipating the intro of "You were right" all the way
through this one.

Note: I'm a keyboard player, not a guitarist. Consider yourself cautioned
Dylan Smith>

Intro: (I was wrong)

Bm Bm/A G F#m Em11 F#m G A  (2 times)

Bm                       Bm/A
I always ...             world around you

G7M                F#m
And it's ...       I ever ...

Em11                  F#m
C the ...            rainbow

G          A
radiate to everyone?

Bm                           Bm/A
Now I don't know ...         live without you

G7M                     F#m
But suddenly ...        not about to

Em11               F#m
I don't ...        anything I see

G                    A    A7M  
unless ...           it too

(Last A7M   connects with 'You Were Right'...)

Suggestions welcomed.

Добавлено: 30.08.2013
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