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Badlees - Angeline Is Coming Home - аккорды и текст, видео

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Badlees - Angeline Is Coming Home - аккорды и текст, видео

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Angeline Is Coming Home
Angeline Is Coming Home
Performed by The Badlees

Intro:   E-A-Bm     E-A-Bm-D

       Bm             E               A          
1.	Her parent's house exudes a reborn air 
       Bm            E                A
	The bathtub virgins in the midnight air 
	Seem to smile in celebration 
	What an intercession 
       G                          A
	All inertia washed away

       A   E          G
	Resplendent in dignity 
       A   E          G
	Angeline is coming home

I'd fantasize her clean and home again 
The quintessential reverie free of pain 
Just to keep from going crazy 
While the cracks had claimed her 
And now that fantasy sustained

 I am sorry to say in the short 20 minutes I took to learn this song, I have yet to figure out the progression for the bridge.  If any one wishes to add thie bridge to it, I thank you.

Bridge:		The beautiful acquaintance 

		I desired has inspired me 

		To levels unforeseen 

		True admiration for someone who's 

		Made it back from the hell she was in

Harmonica Solo:  (Guitar Chords are the intro chords)

When do I see her? 
What said when I do? 
Do I let fantasized ideals come through? 
To hear her laugh at my hyperbole 
Would send me
It's nice to have her home and whole

Добавлено: 08.07.2012
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