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Bad Books - Ambivalent Peaks - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bad Books - Ambivalent Peaks - аккорды и текст, видео

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Ambivalent Peaks
Bad Books
tuning: standard, CAPO 1st fret

intro: C Am7 F
C    Am7          F
 can't find the forest
C     Am7          F
 too stuck on the trees
C      Am7          F
 but now you're invested,
 so i'm left pretending
     Am7         F
 it's all i can see

C      Am7      F 
 i asked for a window
C   Am7     F
 to open my cell
C       Am7       F
 you came as kaleidoscopes
 climbing, colliding
     Am7          F
 you came as yourself

Dm             Am
 whether i'm ready
    G          Dm
 is not up to me
 we go where we're ordered
 to bunker or beach
Dm                 G
 to the close of creation
                     C Am7  F
 as shells and stories

C Am7 F
C   Am7     F 
 a spiral staircase
C   Am7     F
 Astoria, Queens
C        Am7           F
 i claimed you while conscious
 got sleepy, forgetful,
      Am7           F
 and left you in dreams

Dm              Am
 you folded your leg
        G            Dm
 right foot to left knee
 you laughed at my back
      G                    Dm
 said you couldn't believe
 how violent I could be
 just brushing my teeth

(this part is hard to figure out
 give me feedback if you can)
F  Dm  Am  
F  Dm  Am 
F  Dm  G
C      Am7         F
 drove from the service
C      Am7      F
 spent in my seat
C      Am7       F
 my woman beside me
 a clutch of hydrangeas
     Am7           F
 a strange sort of peace

C       Am7           F 
 in loss, i'm made certain
C     Am7     F
 unveiled clarity
C     Am7        F
 it's you i will marry
 my lover, my family
    Am7          F
 you always will be

Dm         Am 
 but every word
      G                  Dm
 seemed too small to speak
 so we watched the sky reach
     G           Dm
 ambivalent peaks
 we made our projections

 present and free

C Am7 F (x4)
Добавлено: 19.10.2013
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