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Bachman Turner Overdrive - Aint Seen Nothing Yet - текст песни, таба, видео

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Bachman Turner Overdrive - Aint Seen Nothing Yet - текст песни, таба, видео

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Ok. This is the REAL tab. Right chords, no bad key like the others. I know because i 
with the song until i was very sure, which is the way you're SUPPOSED TO DO IT SO IT IS 
RIGHT. >:( You know the rythms, this is just the chords.

  E--9-------------------7--5-    --9-------------------7--5----|
  B--10------------------8--7-    --10------------------8--7----|
  G--9-------------------7--7-    --9-------------------7--7----|
  D--9-------------------7--7-    --9-------------------7--7----|
  A--7-------------------5--5-    --7-------------------5--5----|
  E--X-------------------X--X-    --X-------------------X--X----|

     I met a devil woman,            She took my heart away,
Yada yada yada... Watch out here.   Sort the bar below with the words.
  E--2-------------------5--7-    --5-----4---4/5----4/5--------|
  B--3-------------------6--8-    --7-----6---6/7----7-7--------|
  G--2-------------------5--7-    --7-----6---6/7----7-7--------|
  D--0-------------------0--0-    --7-----6---6/7----7-7--------|
  A--0-------------------X--X-    --5-----4---4/5----4-5--------|
  E--X-------------------X--X-    --X-----X---X/X----X-X--------|
  ...Any love is good love and,    so i took what i could get,

It's all about how you strum the second chord on this bar to make it sound right. 
the stuff on your amp too.
  She looked at me with those big brown eyes and said,

  E---------------------------    ------------------------------|
  B---------------------------    ------------------------------|
  G-----------------------9-7-    --------------------------9-7-|
  D--7--------------------9-7-    -7------------------------9-7-|
  A--7------------------0-7-5-    -7----------------------0-7-5-|
  E--5------------------------    -5----------------------------|
    Aint seen nothin yet,       B-B-baby you just aint seen n-n-nothin yet,

blah blah blah... last time
  A--7------------------0-7-5-4-2-7-|  Back to intro
Добавлено: 21.05.2012
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