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Babyface - Ordinary Girl - текст песни, видео

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Babyface - Ordinary Girl - текст песни, видео

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Written by lionel richie, babyface (1996)

Performed by lionel richie

How will I know when someone loves me

How will I know if theres no one else

Im dyin to have someone wholl love me

But I want them to love me for myself

I looked for love in all the wrong places

I searched the moon and the stars

Found myself lost in a world of faces

The place I didnt look was my heart

Ive been all around the world

Trying to find something new

Lord knows that something was you

cause I found in myself

The one thing thats true

All I want is an ordinary girl

All I need is an ordinary girl

I just want someone I can talk to

Someone I can lean on now and then

I dont wanna lie, and pretend Im someone else

Im just lookin for a friend

My heart was going through so many changes

I didnt know which way to turn

Just when I thought I had all of the answers

I found I still had so much to learn


I just want to feel lost in love forever

I want to see that look in your eyes

I hope that youll understand what Im saying, baby

cause girl, I need you right by my side


Someone to love me


You know Ive been all around the world

Trying to find someone new

You know at the end of my search

That someone was you

And I found in my heart

There can be no one but you

All I need is an ordinary girl

Your love my love

You know heaven sent you from above

Ordinary girl

Youre the best thing in my life

Oh, oh girl
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