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B2k - Shorty - текст песни

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B2k - Shorty - текст песни

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Shorty, what's 55 in calicable
Lookin' like a model on da cover of Vogue,
Sexy little mommy bangin' out of control, She Lookin'
At me but I ain't fa show, She was da hottest girl I'd eva seen before,
Said to myself, "Gotta get her fa show!",
Stepped up to her on my plan approach
And said Hey Little Lady Please Give Me Your Name


Watup there Shorty, Lookin' Sexy in your jeans now Shorty,
Got me actin' like a feen there
Shorty, So girl won't you come and be my Shorty. (be my Shorty)


[Verse 2]

For da first 5 minutes she was sweatin' me,
But I could tell that she liked the way I sagged my
Jeans, I said sweety you wanna come and take a ride wit me,
Told my boys that she could be da one
For me, So I said baby can I be da man you need,
Holla at me mommy if you feelin' me,I wispered in
Her ear and she smiled at me,
I said hey little Shorty won't you be my girlfriend.

[Chorus (2x)]

[Lil Fizz:]

Cadidy and pretty just how I like 'em,
When a girl talk mess she always down to fight 'em, Thug
A pill da's real, She don't say how she like yo what's da deal?,
Girl da pop colla, she make her
Own dolla, She don't like a Benz she like a 6 Impala,
Wanna hold her own stick, When Pop's is
Home, Tote to da prom, and Say she love me in a sexy tone.

[Chorus 4x]

Watup there Shorty?......Got me actin' like a feen there Shorty,....
Be my Shorty.
Yeahhhhh, yeah yeahah, Jeans there Shorty,
Be my Shorty. (be my Shorty)
Watup there Shorty, Lookin' Sexy in ya jeans there Shorty,
Got me actin' like a feen there
Shorty, So won't you come and be my Shorty.
(be my shorty) Come On, Come On

We Out.
Добавлено: 03.07.2012
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