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B2k - Know The Monthly Flow Feat. Britney Spea - текст песни

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B2k - Know The Monthly Flow Feat. Britney Spea - текст песни

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
(J. Boog)
you know you know
you gotta get the monthly flow
you know it uh-huh
yeah baby
Red Zone
see I told you ya see


(Brtitney Spears)
I used to think 
I had the answers to everything 
But now I know 
That menstruation doesn't go my way (Yeah) 
Feels like I'm caught in the middle 
That's when I realize 

I'm not a girl, not yet a woman 
All I need is time 
A sperm that is mine 
While I'm in between 
I'm not a girl 
Y'all know that right?

Yup, hiya!

yeah ya see yeah
you have an unique pad
you know that you're the one for me
so you need to get the monthly flow aight?

(Lil Fizz)-rapping-
there's blood in your pants
red in your hands
looks like you forgot to take 
a tampon today
i see a red stain on your shirt
Two months of bloody pants 
man its a major 
bleed the game undercover 
I'm lethal like dannie glover 
got you runnin to your mother 
buyin pads for life 
yo you're only 15 what I need with a wife 
we can walk through the mall while looking for tampons
or you can hang out the drop while im pushin your butt 
take you on a ride that you'll never forget (of course)
runnin home tellin ya friends i have menstruation
a hooked by the way that I lick my lips 
yo I help these girls from coast to coast 
droppin pads so sick they got me doin the most 

let me tell ya fans, but you're the one that I'll always miss... I need a girl

(Chorus 2x with Britney in the background moaning and screaming- yow! and yikes!)

(J. Boog)
Red Zone 
bleedin' blood red man

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