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B A Johnston - Pita Pit Girls - аккорды и текст, видео

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B A Johnston - Pita Pit Girls - аккорды и текст, видео

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Pita Pit Girls
B A Johnston
       D        A          B

D                              A
Why are the girls, down at the Pita Pit,
Why are they so Cute? Why are they so cute?
D                              A
Is it is because I am drunk or I'm fucked up,
Or because they're Handling, handling my food
D                    A
I went down the the city lights, 
I wished they'd turn off the light
D                              A      B (Hold)
When they're deep frying my Poots, my Poutine.
D                              A
I go home, I sit on my couch,
I watch John Candy movies and I eat my Poutine
It's like some kind of wonderful dream, 
A                             B       
I laugh so hard I spit at the scene, and poutine comes out,
D                      A             B (hold one)                 
And I can't see the end of summer rentallllll

D                              A
My friend's in love with a small girls,
Who like like a small boy, oh we make fun of you,
D                                   A
But I saw her the other day down on sharpe street
SHe's looking Pretty cute, More like really cute,

D                              A                    B
So when we are making fun of you, I'm making fun of myself

BA Johnston is the greatest entertainer in history. 
Добавлено: 15.09.2015
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