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Azure Ray - A Thousand Years - аккорды и текст, видео

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Azure Ray - A Thousand Years - аккорды и текст, видео

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A Thousand Years
Azure Ray
"A Thousand Years"
from the album Burn and Shiver (2002)
by Azure Ray (Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink)

*First off, I must note that the high E string is NEVER played in this song at all.
*No capo is necessary.
*A fairly nice ballad with very simplistic picking that can be improvised or mimicked by listening to the 

F       (13321X)
Am      (X0221X)
D7omit3 (XX021X)
C       (X3201X)
A#      (X1333X)
C7      (X3231X)

Intro: F
I'm saving all I'm not giving
             D7omit3       C            F
But it's overflowing evaporating in the air
As I'm walking and no I'm not breathing
       D7omit3         C
I'm not breathing only air
         F                     Am
Cuz it's filled with words once spoken
  D7omit3      C
By people everywhere
          F            Am
And I can hear all the whispers
         D7omit3           C
That have lived a thousand years
        F             Am
It just took me being open
           D7omit3        C
For them to reach my eager ears
                            F        Am
Now they've reached my eager ears
And I hope I'll be ready when my life
        C7      F      C
When my life divides
When my life divides
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