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Automatic Loveletter - To Die For - аккорды и текст, видео

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Automatic Loveletter - To Die For - аккорды и текст, видео

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To Die For
Automatic Loveletter
Tabbed By Kim Anneke
New song by Automatic loveletter called To Die For
only recordings are youtube vids so tried to figure out the tabs from that
not perfect but pretty close
not entirely sure on all the lyrics just yet, some i am unsure of are in brackets
anyways enjoy and heres a guide to the chords (they arnt your usual ones exactly)
C  046600 
B  024400 
A  577600
E  022100 

and the ones with dashes are these
B-  799800
A-  577600
E-  079900

Get up its a minute to midnight
B                                         C
And we've got, the whole world coming after us
So we're running and running, Oh,
 and your eyes are the colour of wanting
And my heart is a runaway  (engine?)
C                                A
And our hands seducing them to coincde

E                      B
And theres some-thing about you
              C                  A
And theres something that you see
E                   B
We both lay, here broken
          C                           A 
Cause we  both know that this cant be

E-                    B-
And it cuts like a gun
The poison (in battle/embedded)
Sinking straight to the blood
E-                        B-
And it awakens your dreams
                     E-                               A-
And kills all the demons that you thought wouldnt leave
        E-                    B-
Cause this is love to die from
And to die for

Could this be, oh dare i say it
Oh This could be,
this could be love ive been waiting for
This could be love ive been asking for

From the stars to the gravel
That we used to light up shadows
From the slits it was finger pricking once in my fingertips 
Passion  for glory
                   Asus4 or A 
Добавлено: 27.02.2012
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