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Austin Adamec - Chains Break - аккорды и текст, видео

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Austin Adamec - Chains Break - аккорды и текст, видео

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Chains Break
Austin Adamec
the chords are tricky to place exactly where they go because of the rhythm of his guitar... listen to the 
video on youtube to get it down.
if you have any improvements or tune ups for this tab email me at

Intro: D G C
 C G D (x2)

 Capo 3

 (Verse 1)
 D      G         C
 All of my worries

 All of my struggles
 C     G           D
 Can be lifted away 
 D     G        C
 Every addiction

 The heaviest burden 
 C       G             D
 Defeated by Your grace

 (Pre chorus)

 D          G         C
There's nowhere else that I can go 
 C       G     D
 No other love makes broken whole 
 D         G       C
 So I will come, I will come as I am 
 C        G     D
 And lay it all in Your hands

 (Chorus) repeat the same rhythm for the chorus

        D G C
 In You, lost hearts are found
        C G D
 In You, walls crash to the ground 
        D G C
 In You, captives are freed
 C      G          D
 And by the power of Jesus' name 
              DGC CGD
 Chains break

 (Verse 2)

 D      G        C
 Fear has no power

 Sin has been conquered 
 C     G       D 
 I have been made new 
 D      G      C
 All of my story

 Covered in mercy
 C       G      D
 All because of You


 D       G      C
 What can stand against You 
 C       G        D
 Nothing is stronger 

 Nothing is stronger
 D      G       C
 No one else besides You 
 C        G      D
 Can make chains break

 Make chains break
Добавлено: 20.11.2015
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