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Augustana - Love In The Air - аккорды и текст, видео

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Augustana - Love In The Air - аккорды и текст, видео

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Love In The Air
New song from their as-of-now untitled album.  
This is the acoustic version he's been playing live.  
Listen (YouTube) for the strumming pattern.  Pretty simple.  
Occasionally throw in some of the hammer-ons he's one to do on the C 
chords in the bridge and at the ends of the verse lines that don't end in G.
                             LOVE IN THE AIR - Augustana

Tuning: Standard, capo 4.

F, G, C, G (repeat, finish on C)

Am        F            C       
Tell the band they'll have to wait
Am        F         C      G
Ain't no time to hesitate
Am      F      C
You and I are tied to fate
Em                     G
Whether you like it or not
Am         F       C
You don't have to tell me twice
Am         F               C       G
You're too proud to take advice
Am      F         C
With a heart as cold as ice
Em                     G
Baby, the sugar to my spice

       F             G       C
It's alright if you need a little time
      G        F        G         C     
Baby, I don't mind, my feet on the line
G      F            G            Am
It's alright if you get a little scared
         F               G                         F
Life's unfair, but man I swear I feel love in the air

Verse 2:

Am   F    C
?????? is in the past
Am      F           C          G
Say the good things never last
Am      F       C
You and I are fallin' fast
Em                            G
Didn't wanna test that theory out

Am      F        C
Raising up three children now
Am      F             C     G
Little Mary always in town
Am      F          C
Took me a while to figure out
Em                      G
Just how damn I lucky I am

--- Chorus ---


Am, F, C, Am, F, C, G
Am, F, C, Em, G

Verse 3:
Am    F          C 
Tell Saint Peter at the gate
Am         F            C            G
They might be running a little late
Am   F          C
Old man's gonna have to wait
Em                           G
'Cause I ain't done with you yet
Am       F       C
Hold you as the sun goes down
Am       F       C            G
Ain't no need to wander in town
Am      F            C 
Hold on tight to the love I've found
Em                             G
'Cause that's as good as it gets

--- Chorus --- 
Добавлено: 20.11.2013
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