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Audio Adrenaline - Flicker - аккорды и текст, видео

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Audio Adrenaline - Flicker - аккорды и текст, видео

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Audio Adrenaline
		   Song: Flicker
Album: Some Kind Of Zombie
Words and Music By Audio Adrenaline

I play this whole song in barre chords, but if you want to make it easier
you could Capo.  The version I have typed out here DOES NOT have a Capo
incorporated in it.

F#7                         B                      A               F#    
Have I become, a target that some people can't resist.
      B               A                 F#         F#7
My flaws hae become a greater risk.
                              B              A                F#      F#7
If my name, is a synonym for love and happiness.
       B                   A                    F#        F#7
Then why am I bombarded with distress
                           B                           A                
F#              F#7
My old friends, haven't seen them since I don't know when
                 B                     A      F#       F#7
But I can send them a signed 8 x 10
                          B            A                   F#      F#7
My sweetheart, she understands why I'm away
        B             A          F#    F#7
But still it gets harder everyday

            B       F#     Bb7        B
But it's my delight, to sing all night.
B                       F#      Ab7    Db7                      
'Till the sun comes up again

 Db7 B7 A7 F#

        B                 A               F#    F#7
After all my cross isn't hard to bear
         B               A                   F#     F#7
It is heavy I am weak but you are there
               B                      A                   F#      F#7
There are times when I am down and feel undone
              B                A              F#     F#7
You pursue me like I am your only son
            B                     A                     F#     F#7      
My old flaws you've overlooked and put to rest
           B                      A                     F#   F#7
They're farther than the east is from the west

A7                    B                   F#               F#7
I've spent about 24 hours in a flying J truck stop
A7                   B                F#        F#7
I haven't had a shower and 'bout to drop
A7                   B                   Db7
It really doesn't matter if we make it or not.

Db7  B7 A7 F# X2


Добавлено: 23.11.2013
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