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Atmosphere - Mattress - текст песни, видео

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Atmosphere - Mattress - текст песни, видео

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All your secrets stay safe

All your liars will lay

All your stories are staged

On that mattress

Ain't no way to ignore yourself

A lot to say, no one to tell

We all think that you're so cool cause nobody knows that nobody knows you

Paint brush color up them flaws

Break up send them broken laws

You can't share all the facts with a home made crosshair on your back

Everybody wanna tell the tale

Like the chips might fall but they never fail

You still don't realize, take a look around

Do we seem surprised

So we don't even need to know

About the poor decisions that feed your growth

Nah, we just wanna see the now what

Can you keep a secret, can you keep your mouth shut

You can't even tell your mirror

Anyone can seem so sincere

Watch whatever you volunteer

Voices argue all over here

She was pointing at a hand

When she said let's move this ball to the bed

First time on the field hit a homerun

Wash your hands, don't tell no one

Better check yourself

Cause the best part of you the part kept to self

Will never forget how it felt

Look at how well you dealt with the guilt now

You gotta secret but everybody does

And the whole damn courtroom wanna be the judge

You don't wanna be distracted

And take our minds off our own malpractice

Everybody talk about their past

Like today's mistake is gonna be the last

We wanna see behind your mask

Like we ain't got our backyard to trash

Well this one drink and drive

And that one there, she 

Broken promises, deadbeat dads

Overdoses, and one night stands

Let's all make a mess

And try to project some kind of perfection

And let me sing you a song

Cause I ain't the first thing you ever did wrong
Добавлено: 16.05.2012
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