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Atlas Sound - Ativan - аккорды и текст, видео

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Atlas Sound - Ativan - аккорды и текст, видео

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Atlas Sound
I was looking for chords to this song only to find there were none online, so I decided to pick them out 
myself and share them for those who enjoy this song as much as I do! It's my first time posting on here so 
I apologize for any mistakes. Bradford uses some type of effect that causes the pitch of the strummed chord 
to bend on the chorus which gives it the distinct nauseating sound. Enjoy!

   E       C#m       A
I slept til I threw up    x2

  B           G#       B        G#
Gone are the days of wine and roses
  A        B          A     B
They just make me nauseous now

   E       C#m       A
I slept til I felt drunk
   E           C#m      A
I slept while you had lunch
  B          G#        B   G#
Lunch with a girl who has hair as 
  A       B      A          B
Soft as baby's breath in morning

E A x2
  B           G#        B     G#
Lunch with a girl who takes time to
  A     B         A        B
Listen to every word you utter

    E       C#m    A   
I slept til I woke up 
  E         C#m      A
Then there was not much

  B         G#     B      G#
Much to do so I think of you
A         B     A           B
I crawl back between the sheets

The c#m is not necessary but it seemed to fit on the song. If anyone has any corrections of suggestions they
are gladly accepted! 
Добавлено: 27.09.2015
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