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At Vance - Take My Heart - аккорды и текст, видео

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At Vance - Take My Heart - аккорды и текст, видео

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Take My Heart
At Vance

Bm E F#m E D A E E A A A
Bm E F#m E D A E E A E F# E D A E E D E 
A E F#m E D E A E F#m E D A Bm E 
A A A Am G Bb F G Bb F Fm Eb Gm A Dm 
and so on until the end


The flowers im my hand
 I used to bring to open your heart
 They could not show what you meant to me
 But the way we had to go
 Seemed to be in two different directions
 So now i'm just by myself
 And all i have are these sad and lonely memories
 So here is my heart

 Things won't stay the same
 They can't be forced by you
 Time will make you wise
 Time will make you see
 Where your love belongs
 There'll be someone who owns your heart
 She might be anywhere
 You'll meet her someday
 And in the end you'll find the one for you

 So the seasons of my life
 Are passing by in front of my eyes
 But i can't get a hold of them
 Like i couldn't get of you
 But thru out the years
 I'm tryin'to get over it
 'Cause i realized
 Love can't be forced so now i know
 That i'm not the one

 It's cold outside
 As i'm walking thru the fields
 I don't have any kind of destination
 My heart is empty
 And all my thoughts run into a dead end road
 It seems that i've reached the end
 But still i can see that little light
 And that is what i'm longing for 
Добавлено: 14.10.2013
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