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As Cities Burn - Our World Is Grey - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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As Cities Burn - Our World Is Grey - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Our World Is Grey
As Cities Burn
hey guys this is my first post but i'm pretty sure it's correct, 
sorry i don't have the full song but i love it and it bugged the
crap out of me that there's only a few songs on here by acb so i 
hope this satisfies you as much as it did me :]

Capo 1

F             Em        Am          A
I'm sure if you wanted to stop love,
                 F         Em        Am
You could just untie your end and let it go.
   A       G    Abm        F   Em          Am 
But, my God, you don't.                You don't.  
A                                F  Em  Am
Yeah, I think I love you for it.      
A                    G    Ab
Yeah, I think I love you for it.

F Em Am A F Em Am A G Ab

You're still sending cells to their rightful places,
When forming more likely to escape.
Such a narrow way to life.
What's it look like from your side?
From here I can't see why it's worth
One more coming out cursed?

F           Em
Say it, say it!
Am                  A
Say what this is all for!  (2x)
Say it's redemption.

F                     Em             Am
'Cause our world is grey, world is grey.
We're just swaying from side to side.
F              Em             Am
Our world is grey, world is grey.
          A          G   Ab
We are thieves and saints alike.
F                 Em            Am
But you don't let go, don't let go.
We keep swaying and swaying.
   F               Em      Am
And you don't let go, don't.
A                    G    Ab
Yeah, I think I love you for it.

V. 2
He's shooting god up in his arm through a needle.
And she's putting cuts on her legs to bleed out the devil.
"Surely you will not die, eat and be like God."
What have we done?




then beneath a lot of other stuff and sorta ending it out:

g|-------------18-18-18p17-  It just repeats around 
d|-------------------------  the end then ends with some lead

any comments, email:
my names Zach :]
Добавлено: 15.03.2012
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