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Artillery - How Do You Feel - текст песни, видео

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Artillery - How Do You Feel - текст песни, видео

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Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
You build yourself up in plastic, removin' the signs of age
You pay for plastic surgery, to get a grip on the pace
And every day you wake up smilin', knowin' you look line
Cause you have paid a lot of money, to get lifted from behind

The skin around your face is thin, and tightened to the bone
Your nose got lifted from within, your hair is not your own
You body looks as if you worked out, you ain't done a thing
Cause if you did, the risk would be, the crackin' of your skin

How do you feel? Knowing you ain't you
How do you feel? When you look at you
How do you feel? Can you count the scars
How do you feel? Do you feel like the stars

Plastic surgery - inhuman can't you see
So fuck you livin' deads - get plastic in your heads

The sucktion of your hips and things, were just a little thing
The adjustments made to you in time, are countless and obscene
I wonder what is left on you, how much you've got inside
I wonder what you did in time, to choose this way to hide 
Добавлено: 02.09.2013
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